OCPP protocol revision 1.6 – OCPP via Json over WebSocket

OCPP protocol revision 2.0.1

Profile nameDescription
CoreBasic charge point functionality, No support for firmware updates, local authorization list management and reservations
Local Auth List ManagementFeatures to manage the local authorization list in charge point
ReservationSupport for reservation of a charge point
Smart ChargingSupport for basic Smart Charging functionality, forinstance, using control pilot
Remote TriggerSupport for remote triggering of charge point initiated messages
MessageProfileSupportedInitiated by…
Authorize(*)CoreYesClient (charge Point)
Boot NotificationCoreYesClient (charge Point)
Change AvailabilityCoreYesClient (charge Point)
Change ConfigurationCoreYesServer (Central System)
Clear CacheCoreYesServer (Central System)
Data TransferCoreYesClient (charge Point)/Server (Central System)
Get ConfigurationCoreYesClient (charge Point)
HeartbeatCoreYesClient (charge Point)
Meter ValuesCoreYesServer (Central System)
Remote Start TransactionCoreYesServer (Central System)
Remote Stop TransactionCoreYesServer (Central System)
ResetCoreYesServer (Central System)
Start Transaction(*)CoreYesClient (charge Point)
Status NotificationCoreYesClient (charge Point)
Stop Transaction(*)CoreYesClient (charge Point)
Unlock ConnectorCoreYesServer (Central System)
Get DiagnosticsFirmware ManagementNoServer (Central System)
Diagnostics Status NotificationFirmware ManagementYesClient (charge Point)
Firmware Status NotificationFirmware ManagementYesClient (charge Point)
Update FirmwareFirmware ManagementYesServer (Central System)
Get Local List VersionLocal Auth List ManagementYesServer (Central System)
Send Local ListLocal Auth List ManagementYesServer (Central System)
Cancel ReservationRemote TriggerYesServer (Central System)
Reserve NowRemote TriggerYesServer (Central System)
Clear Charging ProfileReservationYesServer (Central System)
Get Composite ScheduleReservationNoServer (Central System)
Set Charging ProfileReservationYesServer (Central System)
Trigger Message(*)Smart ChargingYesServer (Central System)
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