Zhangjiang Hongkou Park Intelligent Health Medical Industry Base

The Zhangjiang Hongkou Park Intelligent Health Medical Industry Base, located in the Hongkou District of Shanghai, is a strategic cooperation project between the China National Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute and the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The park focuses on the theme of creating a major health and medical hub, attracting companies specializing in medical testing, medicine, medical devices, biotechnology, and Internet health.

Customer Requirements:

1.Quick Installation and Construction:
oCharging stations need to have short setup cycles, good scalability, and strong adaptability, reducing the intensity of subsequent personnel management and maintenance work.
2.Convenient Charging Services:
oProvide a one-stop service for car owners, including QR code scanning for charging, accurate metering, flexible payment options, and the ability to check the charging status anytime, anywhere via mobile phone.
3.Unified Operation Management:
oOffer an online unified operation management platform for real-time monitoring and remote operation of charging stations, reducing compatibility and integration issues.
4.Safe Charging Assurance:
oCharging stations must meet multiple safety certifications and be capable of easily handling high temperatures, extreme cold, rain, and snow to prevent hazards.
5.High Cost-Effectiveness:
oThe overall solution should ensure safety and stability while reasonably controlling costs, offering high cost-effectiveness.
6.Comprehensive Technical Support:
oProvide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales technical support to ensure smooth implementation and stable operation of the project.

Solution Implementation/Features:

1.Simple Construction and Quick Setup:
oBuilding a charging station only requires investment in equipment, construction, and cloud platform. During subsequent operations, the charging station can directly bind to the merchant’s account, with car owner payments directly transferred to the merchant’s account, ensuring quick operational profitability.
2.QR Code Charging and Convenient Experience:
oUsers can scan the QR code on the charging station using a mini-program, start charging with one click, and view data such as charging volume, charging duration, and charging fees at any time in the mini-program. They can choose to end or extend the charging session.
3.Internet and Cloud, Unified Management:
oThe charging stations support unified management through internet and cloud services, allowing remote operations such as adding, deleting, editing, upgrading, restarting, and stopping charging stations. Real-time monitoring of the working status of charging stations and push notifications for abnormal situations are also supported.
4.Flexible Billing and Efficient Operation:
oCharging fees can be flexibly customized, choosing between fixed or time-based rates, and distinguishing between peak and off-peak electricity prices. Free parking durations and overtime parking charges can be set, reminding car owners to unplug and drive away promptly after charging to increase the utilization rate of charging stations.
5.Permission Allocation and Detailed Control:
oCharging stations can be set to internal use only or open to the public, and specific users can be authorized to use internal charging stations or charge for free, allowing detailed management of charging station usage permissions.
6.4G Network and Simple Deployment:
oUsing 4G charging stations to set up the charging station, the charging stations have a SIM card slot redundancy design, automatically connecting to the network upon card insertion, saving wiring costs.
7.CQC Safety Certification and Protection Assurance:
oSupports emergency stop protectionshort circuit protection, grounding detection, overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, phase sequence detection, rain protection, relay adhesion detection, and multiple strict protections to ensure charging safety.
8.IP66 Dust and Water Resistance, Durable and Robust:
oMade of weather-resistant materials and precision industrial design, with a high dust and water resistance rating of IP66, capable of stable operation in environments ranging from -20°C to 50°C, easily handling high temperatures, extreme cold, rain, and snow, ensuring safe outdoor charging.

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